As a woman of part Middle Eastern descent, you’d likely assume that I’ve been naturally blessed with super full brows that are so thick I can create any shape with them I please. I did get blessed with lots of hair, unfortunately, none of which I won’t, and the majority of it has been condemned to a laser hair removal machine. I didn’t get the great brow or lashes gene, like the beautiful Lilly Ghalichi, as her eyebrows resemble mini Persian kittens nestled above her ridiculously long mink lashes.

Looking back at really old photos, my brows were extremely thick. Borderline unibrow thick. A good portion of us has been there. We were young; around 12-13 years of age going through puberty; our parent’s hormonal nightmare. If it wasn’t stressful enough, hair was growing everywhere. I remember the transition from Elementary school to Middle school; getting my period for the first time that summer, and growing a mustache that I didn’t realize I had until someone called me “mustache girl” (True story). I can recall my brows being extra unruly (picture Oscar the Grouch), and going home one day, picking up my Dad’s razor blade and shaving them into oblivion. And, it was pretty much all over from that point forward. I continued tweezing and shaving them daily and they remained thin and lacking any proper shape for years *sigh*.

That was until I discovered the MAC Eyebrow Pencil in the shade spiked when I was 17 years old. Who needed real eyebrows when you could fill them in with a pencil? I never realized how much of a difference well-groomed and shaped brows transform your face and not filling them in was no longer an option for me.

For years I experimented with different shapes to suit my face, and numerous different products and formulations. I am a brow junkie and will try any product that will make my brows look better. The full brow trend has been around for a while now, and you’re seeing more and more people on social media with these luscious, bushy brows that give us all something to envy. I know when I see photos on my feed of amazing brows, I wish mine looked that good!

So… why didn’t you simply stop tweezing your eyebrows and let them grow? Sounds like an easy solution. I did try, but the hairs wouldn’t grow quick enough. After a couple of weeks, I’d have a small army of coarse strays in no man’s land, and I would get too antsy and end up tweezing them. I couldn’t handle the process of growing out my eyebrows and looking unkempt. Especially my face.

I did try using Castor Oil on my eyebrows, which is a GREAT product for regrowing hair. I used it religiously for around a month or so. Up until that point, my brow hairs were growing twice as fast, and they became thicker than they have been in years. And at some point later, my brows became a victim again to my Tweezerman.

Fast forward to the latter when I’ve been sick of not feeling uncomfortable with the way my brows look when they aren’t filled in. I wanted to get them to the point where I could get away with not filling them in and still feel like I look like myself. I’ve grown tired of feeling the need to have them filled in all of the time, even when doing casual activities – such as working out, being at the pool, running errands, or answering the door for the UPS guy who is delivering my Amazon orders. I just threw that last one in there – we all know that they just leave the boxes at the door. Though, I needed to get over this insecurity of my crappy eyebrows.

I was looking for something that would provide quick-ish results, so I did a little research and found that many people get pretty good results with Rogaine. I’ve heard about it years ago, and although it always sparked my interest, I was a little hesitant because since it’s a product for a man, I didn’t want any adverse effects – such as growing a beard. I figured YOLO, and went on Amazon and purchased a box of Men’s Rogaine Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Treatment 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution. If you want to save a few bucks, Kirkland (Costco’s brand) makes a 5% Minoxidil version that is most likely the same, and reviewers have reported good results. I was kidding about the beard, by the way.

The process is simple. After washing my face at night, I’d take a cotton swab and wipe it over the areas where I wanted to see growth. With the tip of the swab, I would run it across my brows, under my brows, and along the top of my brows. I made sure there was enough solution on the tip to saturate my skin, but not so saturated that it would drip down. For better results, you can use it twice daily (perhaps morning and night), but there were only a few times that I applied it in the morning as well. From consistently using it at night, it didn’t take long to see results. By not long, I mean I was seeing accelerated brow growth by the end of the week. At the one-month mark, my brows are thicker than I’ve ever been able to get them since I was an early teen.

I’ve noticed that the strays grow much quicker and in groups instead of a stray here and there. While the new hairs were coming in, I was able to better visualize incorporating those strays in my existing brows, so I wasn’t nearly as anxious as usual to tweeze. I simply put down the tweezers and let them do their thing. I would only tweeze the strays that looked far off course and kept the ones that were near my brows.

The brow hairs I already had have grown a lot longer, so they can look a little unruly if I don’t have them combed in place. For now, I’m not going to trim them, as I’m kinda digging the “full” look. Also, a few hairs grew in straight and didn’t lay the same as my other brow hairs (you can see in the photos above that some hairs point downward) – I fought the urge to tweeze them, and instead, I’ve been conditioning my brows with moisturizer to soften the hairs so they cooperate better. It works pretty well and helps the hairs lay more uniform.

My eyebrows were always slightly differently shaped – one more arched and slightly higher than the other, but they are starting to look more similar. I’m hoping for them to be twins someday (wishful thinking – I don’t think they were ever the same).

Alright, so granted, they still haven’t reached their peak shape that I am on a quest to attain, I am 100% satisfied with my results thus far, as the solution stimulated hairs to grow that I haven’t seen in years.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before photos because I had no idea it was going to work so well. I will go through my files and see if I can find a photo of my bare brows and update this post.

Here are some photos of my crazy, unruly brows at the moment. Keep in mind that they are still filling in, need a trim, and still have sparse areas. It has only been one month, so I’m not expecting a full brow transplant yet.

All those fine hairs on the tops of my brows are completely new hairs I’ve never had before. And as I mentioned, my hairs are longer and they are thicker overall.

And here’s what they look like once I fill them in.

I took some time off from applying it – around two weeks, as I was on vacation, but I’ll be starting up again, and will keep you posted with another update.

Any weird side effects? I didn’t have any negative side effects such as facial hair growth or allergic reactions, etc. I did notice a few days here and there were some dry flakes in my brows, but a quick scrub with an exfoliate got rid of it.

So far, I highly recommend trying this method of growing you’re over-tweezed eyebrows back. I don’t know how it will work for those with naturally sparse brows, as I did have thick brows when I was a pre-teen. I do think it’s worth a try.

  • Rogaine 5% solution or Kirkland 5% hair regrowth treatment (a little over $20 for 6 months)
  • Q-tips (the precision tips would well for this, but regular tips will do)
  • Disposable mascara wands (optional – if you would like to comb through your brows after applying the solution)
  • Castor Oil (optional – if you want to accelerate hair growth even further as well as condition your eyebrows)
  • Other tools such as a magnified mirror and precision tweezers, so you will make sure you’re only carefully tweezing unwanted strays, not the strays you do want!


Have any of you tried this before? If so, I’d love to get your feedback in the comment section. Also, if you do try it, be sure to leave a comment as well, so others can see your results!

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